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Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Afternoon

PepsiCo is taking pressure from health-conscious shoppers seriously. I told you last week that they were pulling less-healthy beverages from schools worldwide by 2012.  Now, they’ve announced plans to reduce sugar and salt by 25 percent and saturated fat by 15 percent in all their snack brands.  Those include Frito-Lay chips.  They say it’s what today’s consumer is demanding.  Personally, I didn’t know today’s potato chip buyers were demanding healthier chips, but I’ll take good news wherever I can find it these days. 

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We’ve heard a lot in recent years – frankly, a lot more than I want to hear – about how much methane gas livestock emit, from burps, or… what have you. Well, an air quality scientist at UC-Davis is blasting environmentalists for giving cows and pigs a bum rap.  Frank Mitloehne says the claim that farm animals emit as many greenhouse gases as transportation is based on faulty information in a U.N. report, and that cutting down on meat and dairy farming would just make more people go hungry.  He says in the U.S., transportation actually creates 26 percent of all greenhouse gases.  Cattle and pigs emit just 3 percent.  So…quit blaming your gas emissions on the cow.   

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A University of Arizona study confirms what some men have long suspected: women will find fault with their bodies, no matter what.  Advertisers worried that ads with skinny models made women feel inferior.  So Dove Soap and other advertisers started using average-to-plus sized models.  The university studied women’s reactions to those ads.  Turns out, the ads made average-sized women feel worse about themselves than ads with skinny models did.  When they saw a larger-sized model, it made them think that they look like that and need to lose weight.  The upside for advertisers: seeing models built like them did make the women more likely to want to buy diet products and gym memberships.    

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If you still have an old Polaroid camera gathering dust in your closet, rejoice.  Those old instant photo cameras were rendered obsolete by digital photography, but they still have some nostalgic fans.  Now, a group of them have banded together to lease an old Polaroid film factory in the Netherlands and they’re bringing back the once-popular SX-70 and 600 Polaroid films.  The name of their company:  “The Impossible Project.”    

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Finally, today’s Huck’s Criminal Mastermind was wanted for bank robbery in Michigan.  He was arrested in Pittsburgh, where he complained to police that he felt sick and was losing consciousness.  They took him to a hospital, but he escaped from it.  Luckily, he was picked up again at a nearby bar, where he was easy to spot.  He was drinking in his hospital gown.  And he still had the IV needle in his arm.  And no, I don’t know what bottle he had hooked up to it. 

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